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Ball Park Road
Canaan NH 03741

General Rules

Canaan Lions MX is a family track and is run by the Canaan Lions Club. The Lions are the largest service organization in the world. This is an all-volunteer group and the people who volunteer to run it will not be disrespected.  To keep things fun and fair for everyone we are instituting a policy of 3 strikes you’re out. Any infraction of the rules can get you a strike. An egregious act will automatically be strike 3. This includes things like riding in the pits race day, disobeying a track official, or unsportsmanlike conduct. First strike is a verbal warning from any track official. Second strike will be a written warning, again from any track official. Third strike will be from a member of the moto cross committee. At this point you will be disqualified from your race/races that day and told to leave the track and will not be allowed back until the moto cross committee has had time review and determine what will ultimately happen.


1.    NO 85 Big Wheels bikes will be allowed in the 85CC Novice, Amateur or Expert classes regardless of CC's of the bike. 100CC-110CC 2 stroke will be allowed in the Super Mini Class. No KTM, Husqvarna or Cobra allowed in 50 CC Junior Class.

2.    Outside Assistance: Only authorized motocross personnel and racers are allowed on the track during a race/event except for parents of the 50CC riders, they must have a red wrist band to be on the track. Anyone wishing to be on the track must get permission from the motocross staff. If your child has an accident go to the tower and the onsite EMT will contact, you concerning the condition of your child. If a parent or spectator (other than 50CC) goes onto the track the rider will be disqualified for that Moto. This is for the safety of the rider and track personnel.

3.    Only one mechanic is allowed in the pit area with one rider, mechanics must pick up a green wrist band at the payment table to be authorized in the pit area. Anyone in the pit area without a green wrist band will be asked to leave.

4.    There will be no grooming of the starting gate forward of the starting area. If someone crosses the starting gate the rider, they are assisting will be moved to another gate position, the second time this happens the rider will be disqualified from that race.

5.    NO RIDING IN THE PIT AREA! All competition motorcycles must be walked in the pit area. Motorcycles must be pushed by hand to the starting area. Riders should use every precaution to ensure the safety of all. Non-adherence will result in a disqualification.

6.    Due to a noise ordinance in Canaan, we request that no bikes be started before 8:30 a.m.

Please make sure that your bike’s muffler is in working order.
7.    Required Race Gear: race boots, eye goggles, gloves, chest protectors, long sleeved shirts, racing pants with knee pads.

8.    All helmets must fit, and straps will be fastened from the start of the race until you get into the pit area.

9.    A mandatory Riders Meeting will take place before each race. Practice will begin immediately following this meeting.

10.    Any riders, mechanics, family, or friends using profanity, unsportsmanlike or disrespectful language or actions towards riders, mechanics, spectators, or race officials, on or off the racetrack shall be subject to disqualification for the day and may face further disqualification. The Canaan Lions Raceway Directors have the final say.

11.    All riders, mechanics, pit crews, and promoters are expected to be fully aware of all the rules and regulations of the Canaan Lions Raceway and will be required to abide by them.

12.    Riders may not indulge in the use of drugs or alcohol before or during their scheduled races.

13.    The Canaan Lions Raceway track is private property, all areas on the property are RESTRICTED accept during race day and when an Association Membership application.

and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity forms has been received and verified. Riding is allowed only during scheduled events.

14.    No one except riders officially entered in an event may ride or practice on the day of the race. You must officially enter before practice or the start of the race.

15.    Stopped, fallen, or disabled riders must take precautions to ensure the safety of the other riders when restarting their motorcycles and/or re-entering the race.

16.    Riders leaving the course must re-enter at the next safe location, with no attempt to shorten the course or maintain or gain advantage.

17.    A rider whose motorcycle is disabled may push it to complete the lap, provided he/she does not endanger or interfere with other riders. All riders who cross the finish line with the checkered flag will receive motocross points.

18.    A rider must be ready when his/her class is scheduled to run. A rider with mechanical or equipment problems may signal the starter to delay the start of the moto for up to two minutes to correct the problem.

19.    Track officials and promoters shall decide the number of motorcycles allowed to participate in each class. In the event of an excessive number of riders entered in one class, that class may be separated into two or more groups and scored separately.

20.    All riders starting an event on a particular size machine must complete that event with the same or smaller size bike (with the exceptions of Open, Senior, Super Senior, and Enduro Classes).

21.    All bikes are required to have seats to race.

22.    Each bike entered the Enduro class must have the ability to install a headlight and brake light to be considered an Enduro.
23.    In order to get championship points you must be a member, day pass riders are always welcome and will receive their finishing position award but will not be eligible for end of the season championship awards. 
24.    Promotions can happen at any time based on lap times, finishing positions, and demonstrated rider ability. When you are promoted, you will take 1/2 your points to your next class. 

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