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Canaan Lions MX



During our Practice on August 12th and our race on August 13th Factory Connection will be visiting our track! They will be checking sag and giving expert advice on setup. They are a longtime supporter of Canaan Lions MX! Do not miss this exciting event!!

Here is our promotion list. We looked at over 3500 lap times to produce this. If you are in our series, you can carry half your points. If you would like to know the criteria we used, we will gladly share it with you. We have completed two races and we will look again at the halfway point which is four races. You can look at everyone’s lap times on our website or through Speedhive. We would like to recognize Charlie Krar for examining his lap times, and comparing it to everyone else, and promoting himself.
Joshua Tetreault. Novice-Amateur
Dustin Joseph. Novice-Amateur
Logan Belisle. Novice-Amateur
Robert Robillard. Novice-Amateur
Hunter Joseph. Novice-Amateur
Kenny Sousa. Novice-Expert
Dave Proulx. Amateur-Expert
William Garrish. Amateur-Expert
Lilly Coulter. Novice-Amateur
Blaine Coulter. Amateur-Expert
Bill Coulter. Amateur-Expert
Nate Mcgrody. Novice-Expert
Allen Komtsakex. Novice-Amateur 
Ricky Mason. Novice-Amateur
Self promotions:
Charlie Krar. Amateur-Expert

The following riders have been promoted for the 2023 season. We carefully looked at the lap times, and compared them to all the riders who rode our track last year, over 10,000 lap times. In the past, we would promote by points, but many times the rider would accumulate points for making every race, but not fast enough to ride in the upper class. Congratulations.
Joey Bishop- Expert
Cole Valley- Expert
Brad Laurin - Expert
Isaac Mcewan- Expert
Curtis Huges- Expert
Dan Fulton- Expert
Ethan Roy- Expert
Zack Edwards- Expert
Doug Dixon-Expert in 85cc

Ethan Murphy-Amateur
Lawson Hoge- Amateur
Kenny Sousa- Amateur
Sage McCauley- Amateur
Jaden Barrette- Amateur
Kyle Perry- Amateur
Austin Provencher- Amateur
Travis Garside- Amateur
Trevor Eldridge- Amateur
Doug Dixon-Amateur in 125cc


We need your help

Canaan Lions MX is in need of track help. As many of you know, the track is run by the Canaan Lions Club. The Lions, is the largest service organization, in the world. This is an all-volunteer group, and all proceeds raised, go toward causes such as eyesight and hearing testing, diabetes research, eliminating hunger, and helping with medical needs in our community and around the world.


Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, Canaan Lions MX will be following all Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations. Please check the Website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.


Some of our members, are now considered High Risk and will not be able to return to the track. In order for this to be a successful race season, we need flaggers, gate attendants, and help with registration. We are not looking for a season commitment (that would be great), but we are trying to get a list of people to fill in, as needed. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated and together we can keep Canaan Lions MX a fun, family-friendly place to ride and race. If you would like to help, please scroll to the bottom of the page, and fill out the form and press submit.


Thank you!



Welcome to the Canaan Lions Club's motocross season. The gate fee for spectators is $10 for ages 7 through adult. Children 6 and under are admitted free of charge. Practice is $25 and Races are $35 with discounts applied for more than one race. See Documents for more information.  All racebikes must stay in the main parking area on race day.  For pedestrian safety, bicycles will not be allowed anywhere on the premises.  All dogs must remain on a leash at all times.NO ALCOHOL due to liability concerns. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED! NO GLASS CONTAINERS PLEASE PLEASE! Use the trash receptacles in your area and pick up your area before you leave.

Chappy's Concessions at the Fish & Game Club kitchen will be open at 6:00 a.m. on race day with coffee and breakfast and will remain open for the day. Hot dogs, burgers, fries, ice cream, soda, sausage, steak & cheese, etc., will be available for purchase.





Jan 14

Riders Mtg 12PM-3PM

May 6

Practice 9AM-3PM

May 20


Practice 9AM-3PM

Riders Points 

Transponder Rental $15


In order to get championship points you must be a member, day pass riders are always welcome and will receive their finishing position award but will not be eligible for end of the season championship awards.

Promotions can happen at any time based on lap times, finishing positions and demonstrated rider ability. When you are promoted you will take 1/2 your points to your next class. 



Championship Points:

1st - 25 pts.      6th - 15 pts.       11th - 10 pts.         16th - 5 pts.

2nd - 22 pts.    7th - 14 pts.       12th - 9 pts.          17th - 4 pts.

3rd - 20 pts.    8th - 13 pts.       13th - 8 pts.          18th - 3 pts.

4th - 18 pts.    9th - 12 pts.       14th - 7 pts.          19th - 2 pts.

5th - 16 pts.    10th - 11 pts.      15th - 6 pts.         20-29th - 1 pt.

Click this button to get points for the races

Fastest Lap 2022
50cc Junior (3-6)

Tucker Chase


Points Leaders 2022
50cc Junior (3-6)

1st #16 Brantley Dyer  139points

2nd#01 Wyatt Coutermarsh 113points

3rd#45 Samuel Quimby  89points

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